Security & Defense


Bodsons Global Services Limited provides specialist services to the Defence Sector, Police & Fire Service.

We supply security equipment and specialise in providing top quality security boots, combat boots, security clothing and security uniforms.

We pride ourselves on our extensive collection of specially selected products at competitive prices. We have all the best patrol gear like handcuff keys, FPN holders, combat glove and much more – all with fast and reasonably priced, we are continual adding to our innovative products all the time

As a supplier of firefighting equipment and emergency response products, Bodsons Global Services Limited sources designed and developed products and systems that help perform the job safely and efficiently. Whether in emergency services, natural resource extraction, petrochemical processing, airline operations, or other industries, Bodsons Global Services Limited and its specialist’s team leads firefighting equipment suppliers in delivering customised, complete and integrated solutions to meet the challenges fire fighters face on a daily basis. We supply the following:

  • Professional Fire Nozzle – AWG
  • Fire Hose & Assorted Couplings/Fittings-AWG
  •  Mobile Foam Equipment
  • Wildfire Equipment
  • Fire Monitors- SKUM
  • Stabilisation Equipment -Lancier
  • PPV Smoke Removal Fans
  • Fire Fittings-AWG
  • PPE-Viking-life
  • PPE servicing and repairs    Lilliput Service
  • Flood protection
  • Boots-Rubber
  • Boots-Leather
  • Gas Tight Suits
  • Fire Fitting Hose Gollmer& Hummel
  • Spreaders-Lancier
  • Cutting-Lancier
  • Hydraulic Pump units-Lancier
  • Hydrant Flow Meters
  • De-icing Nozzles
  • Fire Brigade Equipment
  • Fire Hydrant Valves
  • Fire Fighting Foam
  • Hose Reel
  • Radio Earpieces
  • Torches
  • Head Torches
  • Body Armour & Stab Vests
  • Baton Holders and Accessories
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Baton

Radio Earpieces & Kit

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