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Bodsons Global Services Limited provides comprehensive solutions to the small and medium sized companies with cost effective solutions of setting up the IT environment where collaboration , team work are supported by appropriate and flexible LAN and WAN backbone to complement the business growth.

  • Initial  ground work which includes cable layout
  • Hardware provision
  • Network Designing and layout planning
  • Server and client setup
  • Final Testing

Local Area Networks (LAN)

A local area network (LAN) delivers applications to local users, provides the infrastructure for group collaboration, file and printer sharing, and data transfer.

Planet Solutions provide a full range of LAN design, implementation, integration and post-implementation maintenance services. We focus on detailed planning, security, documentation and ongoing support.

Our partnership with Microsoft, Linksys (now part of Cisco), D-Link, Netgear, 3Com, among others, enables our engineers to provide and support a robust and economical networking environment for clients of any size.

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

A Wide Area Network (WAN) is a network that commonly connects Local Area Networks (LAN) in geographically dispersed locations using a variety of technologies not normally used to form a LAN.

WAN implementations, by their nature, usually involve more logistical issues than LAN implementations. This might involve engineers at different sites, co-operation with client staff or with industry partners. Our consultants will custom design and implement a network solution that is suitable to your needs, whether you are upgrading your existing WAN infrastructure or launching a new business.

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